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A Bowhunter's Biggest Heartbreak and How To Prevent It

Carlos Riojas

Each and every year it happens to the best bowhunters--sometimes more than once--and it can be a devastating heartbreak.

There is one thing that happens every year to even the most avid of bow hunters... the dreaded miss, or dare I say, the emotional trauma of the wounded and unrecovered buck.KCHO-mrec

All too often as the anticipation to bow season approaches is the tendency to fall for every product and gimmick that is marketed to us about what we need to harvest that trophy buck.

In reality, there is only one thing that will put that trophy on the ground and protein in your freezer, and that is a well-placed arrow. As the saying goes; practice makes perfect and in bow hunting, repetition is the name of the game.

85% of bow hunters practice in the yard on ground level the entire off season then climb into their treestand and realize the added height and angle completely changes the game.

Nothing will improve your shot more than practicing in a real life scenario.

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Practicing in the yard from a tripod or platform that gets you to similar height as your treestand can help you improve shot placement from an elevated position. Better yet, take the decoy out to your treestand a few weeks prior to bow season and place it in every direction you think that buck may come in from and at various distances.   

There is no better feeling than climbing into your treestand with confidence knowing that you are prepared for any direction and distance that trophy buck may come in from.

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A Bowhunter's Biggest Heartbreak and How To Prevent It