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Bowhunter on Safari Lands Perfect, Ethical Giraffe Shot [VIDEO]

Giraffe are the tallest game on a South African safari. Watch a carefully-executed giraffe shot. 

We all know giraffes are big, but were you aware the largest of males can stand nearly 18 feet? They are obviously the tallest game that can be hunted on safari in South Africa.

This hunter took one with a bow and arrow, no less. He wisely aimed above the shoulders and into the center of the chest, where the heart and lungs lie, leading to an ethical giraffe shot.

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This giraffe was hunted through Motsomi Safaris in South Africa.

Giraffe-hunting is controversial but it is allowed through outfitters in South Africa, Nambia and Zimbabwe. Poaching giraffes is a problem in Africa as poachers take no consideration to the health of the herd or for ethically killing these animals.

Giraffe meat is said to be sinewy but has an intense flavor.

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Bowhunter on Safari Lands Perfect, Ethical Giraffe Shot [VIDEO]