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Bowhunter Nearly Trampled After Shooting Huge Mule Deer [VIDEO]

giant mule deer buck

Check out this quick, two-minute hunt video where the bowhunter gets his chance at a gigantic mule deer buck!

And you won’t believe what happens after the shot.

What beautiful footage of a giant mule deer! This buck of a lifetime came from Utah, a state known for huge mule deer and limited opportunity.

The video editing leads the viewer to believe that the shot was 80 yards, a fact seemingly confirmed by the incredible arch of the arrow in flight.

Without debating the ethics of taking a shot that long, the hit was not ideal. It looked like the expandable broadhead buried high in the liver, and though it did its job and put the mule deer down in a hurry, it was incredibly close to being above the spine or too far back in the intestines.

Neither of those locations would have provided an ethical kill.

Regardless, this hunter got the job done on a monster mule deer, and nearly got himself trampled in the process. Congratulations to him on a true trophy.

I wonder what the buck will score?

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Bowhunter Nearly Trampled After Shooting Huge Mule Deer [VIDEO]