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Bowhunter Makes Awesome Shot on Running Coyote [VIDEO]

A deer hunter smoked a coyote running through his stand area with an excellent shot from his recurve bow.

Many bowhunters would be hard-pressed to not take advantage of a shot at a coyote if they can get it.

Seeing this big female trotting across his shooting zone, this hunter waited for his opening and let ‘er fly, nailing the coydog with a beautiful running shot at 24 yards. He’s using lighted nocks, which allow us to see the arrow’s trajectory from bow to coyote.

Coyotes are one animal that there seems to be no shortage of anywhere along their range. Taking them out when you can cuts down on their predation of turkey, deer and other game animals.

In Pennsylvania, for example, hunters and trappers harvested almost 41,000 coyotes in 2013 with little impact on the larger sustainable population.

Depending on the habitat and health of ecosystem where you hunt, coyote management and removal can have a significant impact on deer fawn survivability. In studies performed in Texas, fawn survivability increased as much as 30 percent where coyotes were culled or their influence on deer populations otherwise stymied.

In addition to helping to manage the influence of such predators on other wildlife, this bowhunter took home a beautiful pelt.

Some bowhunters do process coyote for consumption, and if that’s on your list of “critters I gotta try” then more power to you. Let us know what you think of that grilled coydog or crockpot coyote.

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Bowhunter Makes Awesome Shot on Running Coyote [VIDEO]