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Bowfishing Trick Shots: Are These Archers for Real?

When it comes to bowfishing trick shots, this group of archers definitely takes the cake.

I've done quite a bit of writing about trick shots in the past. Trick shooting is a unique part of archery culture, and even those who don't shoot can appreciate the skill required to pull off some shots. I'd thought I'd seen it all, then a video of bowfishing trick shots surfaced and I realized how sheltered I had been.

The beauty of the internet and Youtube is it offers the opportunity to witness people who are truly amazing in action. Take a seat and watch some genuine bowfishing pros show you how its done.

Gotcha. Very clever kids.

The real question in, how far into the video did you get before you realized it was a fake? Was it the over the shoulder toss or the arrow falling off the bow shot?

Share this gag with somebody who needs a laugh today. Better yet, see if you can convince them that it's real!

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Bowfishing Trick Shots: Are These Archers for Real?