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Ever Wanted to Bowfish the River of Dreams? Watch This


It's not always this easy, but it's awesome when it is!

Adam Millard and Tyler Ridenour shot this footage for When describing it to me, I wasn't sure I believed what I was hearing. And then I saw this footage.

Bowfishing isn't always like this. There are plenty of top-notch locations and I've fished several of them but this one is special. With its clear water and steady supply of fish coupled with easy wading and bank access, it's one to remember.

When bowfishing water this clear, you have to be aware that shooting fish will spook fish (duh). To maximize the number of shots you can get and to keep the fish moving through, try to time the shots so that you're picking off solo fish and not shooting into the main group. This should help keep those fish moving through the area and increase the amount of time -- and shots -- that can be had there.

Often locations like this can also offer excellent opportunities for mixed-bag shooting. Carp are a mainstay but suckers, dogfish and other rough fish can mix in as well. High, dirty water will occur following a rain but once it clears up, things should be prime again.


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Ever Wanted to Bowfish the River of Dreams? Watch This