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Bowfishing Carp on a Flooded Road in Saskatchewan [VIDEO]

bowfishing carp

Talented bowfishermen target fish in a flooded street in Canada. 

These fishermen discovered a road that was flooded and overflowing with carp in Saskatchewan, Canada. They decided to make the best of it and go bowfishing for carp.

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Carp is a freshwater fish that is native to Europe and Asia. They can grow to be quite large. Some are known to weigh over 30 pounds. These men are only catching fish that are around seven pounds.


The fish can tell where you are by your shadow so being conscious of where your shadow lands is important. Bowfishing utilizes a bow and arrow with a string attached to reel in the fish. Fish must be visible in order to catch them.

Bowhunting is a fairly common way to hunt larger fish like carp or alligator gar.

These Canadian bowfishermen make the most of a flooded situation and practice their shooting. This will always be remembered as the year of the carp.

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Bowfishing Carp on a Flooded Road in Saskatchewan [VIDEO]