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Bowfishing and Bass Fishing with Darcizzle Offshore

In this episode of Darcizzle Offshore, Darcie’s chasing Florida largemouths, then it’s time to do a little bowfishing.

With the help of Captain Byron and Osceola Outdoor Adventures, the Darcizzle Offshore crew is able to hook up on a bunch of nice bass. After the action cools down, they pull out the bows for a little bowfishing.

Watch the video to see if Darcizzle is as good with a bow as she is with a rod and reel.

Shooting a bow accurately isn’t something that happens overnight, something Darcizzle found out on this bowfishing trip. However, she was able to land a bunch of bass and get some valuable bowfishing experience.

To see more of Darcie Arahill and learn whether or not she’s able to connect on a bowfishing trophy, subscribe to the Darcizzle Offshore Youtube channel.


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Bowfishing and Bass Fishing with Darcizzle Offshore