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Bowfin or Snakehead? Here’s How to Tell the Difference [VIDEO]

Whether you're fishing for bowfin or snakehead, you need to know the difference.

The bowfin is native to North America, and the snakehead is an invasive species.

Knowing the difference between the two can help keep the invader in check. Since most states with a recognized snakehead problem want the fish removed from their waters when caught, releasing the wrong fish could enable further invasion.

This guy caught them both and did a comparison.

Snakeheads are native to Asia and parts of Africa. Since they have no known natural enemies in North America, they are considered highly invasive. They are also extremely aggressive.

Many states require anglers to remove the fish and then kill it. Not all anglers are comfortable with this policy, but due to the invasive nature of the snakehead, they understand why it's necessary.

This YouTube user stated he always releases these fish, but with the heavy-handedness he showed in this video, he may as well kill everything.

The way he removed the hook from the bowfin was bad enough. But did anyone else see him kick a turtle twice?? Not cool.

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Bowfin or Snakehead? Here’s How to Tell the Difference [VIDEO]