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Bowhunting to Be Allowed in 6 Cleveland Suburbs


Bowhunting will be allowed in six Cleveland suburbs to address the burgeoning overpopulation of whitetail deer.

Fox 8 Cleveland covers how bowhunting will be allowed in six Cleveland suburbs in a pressing need to cull back the deer population.

Voters have said yes to a legal hunter cull to reduce deer numbers that have been causing significant property damage, car collisions and are becoming a significant safety hazard.

While the bowhunting was opposed by a few, overall, voters have been overwhelming in their support of this common sense approach to population control. Property damage and vehicle accidents will be reduced and hunters will harvest some great venison. Some communities that already do this allow the hunters to donate their extra venison to food banks for the needy, so it is a win-win across the board.

My father resides in a suburb that is experiencing the exact same problems with deer overpopulation. Bowhunting was proposed by a few and so far has not gained traction. A few residents have asked for birth control methods or tranquilizing and transporting the animals out. The DNR already advised that those two methods, or a combination, would be very costly and well beyond their budget and personnel capacity, so we will see where this issue goes.

For hunters, it makes a lot more sense for a controlled bow hunt from elevated deer stands to address this issue. I, for one, would be happy to set up a stand in the green space near my dad’s place and get more venison in the freezer.

You have to give credit to the residents of these Cleveland suburbs for this common sense approach which will benefit both them and hunters.



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Bowhunting to Be Allowed in 6 Cleveland Suburbs