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Bow Hunters Help Ohio Town Reduce Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Bow hunters have helped the town of Indian Hill, Ohio lower its number of deer deer-vehicle collisions.

Last year, the town reported only eight deer-vehicle collisions last year – a sharp reduction from the town’s record high in 1997.

Indian Hill Chief of Police Chuck Schlie is crediting the village’s decade-long controlled bow hunting program.

“It’s helped control the herd and has lowered accidents,” Schlie told The Community Press. “Prior to the program it wasn’t uncommon to have 30 to 40 accidents a year,” said Schlie.

Schlie also said the town’s increased awareness of local deer populations have helped reduce deer-vehicle collisions.

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Last year, Indian Hill bow hunters harvested 238 deer. The town allows only bow hunting. Hunters have to register with the town and take a safety course and pass a criminal background check before they can hunt.

Several communities across the US use controlled hunts to manage their deer populations. Some towns use unconventional and controversial methods to cull their urban deer. For example, one New York town employs a four man SWAT team to hunt deer. Another New York town in the Hudson valley is using Humane Society workers to shoot deer with a birth control vaccine.

What do you think is the best way to manage urban deer populations? Share your thoughts in comments section. 

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Bow Hunters Help Ohio Town Reduce Deer-Vehicle Collisions