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Oregon Bowhunter Bags Cougar Instead of Elk

Oregon man finds himself with nothing but his bow between himself and a cougar.

While elk hunting in the Cascade Foothills of Oregon, Rudy Strong found himself face to face with a four-year-old tom cougar. He had just finished a series of cow calls when he noticed the large mountain lion within 15 yards of him.

Rudy must be an excellent shot as he managed to fire off three arrows to take down the cougar. It is a feat to take a cougar with a bow, let alone while you are on the ground. All cougar kills have to be reported to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

This is where Strong was informed that his cat was four years old and weighed 150 pounds.

Regrettably this success didn’t come without some backlash. When the picture was posted on Facebook he received some negative remarks towards trophy hunting and not consuming the animal. This harvest was completely legal as Strong had a legal cougar tag. He is also looking forward to eating the mountain lion. He also claims he was not trophy hunting, as he was pursuing elk at the time.

To end a high note local neighbors are congratulating the successful harvest. This cougar is believed to have been seen around other farms and is thought to have been responsible for killing a dog.

Also, the Oregon Outdoor Council who posted the photo of Rudy on Facebook has come to his defense against the harsh online comments. Even going as far as to say they “refuse to be shunned into a corner.”


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Oregon Bowhunter Bags Cougar Instead of Elk