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Bourbon Virus: New Danger to Outdoorsmen [PICS]


Another disease emerges that can endanger outdoor enthusiasts: the Bourbon Virus.

Add the disease to the already long list of insect-carrying illnesses that can infect humans.

According to reports, a patient died in Bourbon County, Kan., from a new virus thought to be carried by insects. Symptoms are similar to those seen in many other illnesses carried by ticks and insects, including Lyme disease. There is no vaccine nor treatment for the Bourbon virus at this time.

Ticks and biting insects have been long known to infect humans with disease. Proper prevention includes using DEET insect repellent, wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, preferably tucked into boots, and staying out of high grassy areas frequented by deer.

Check yourself after coming out of tick areas, as the bugs will crawl to the warmest area they can find. Check pets also, as dogs pick them up and bring them indoors, and the ticks may have bitten them in the ear area.

Don’t let these creepy-crawly bugs and their mosquito friends ruin your health and your time outside. Prepare to combat them and continue to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Bourbon Virus: New Danger to Outdoorsmen [PICS]