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Boulder Boat Works Marries Old-World Craftsmanship to Modern Materials

Boulder Boat Works takes pride in handcrafting each of their boats to order, combining fine craftsmanship and modern technology. This may be the last boat you ever own.

Boulder Boat Works is a company that unabashedly boasts about the quality of its product: handcrafted drift boats that combine modern materials with old-world craftsmanship.

The company, based in Carbondale, Colorado, calls its boats "The Lightest, Best Handling Drift Boats on the Planet." They're so confident in the quality of their boats that they guarantee them for life.

Director of Sales, Trevor Hansen, says there are several reasons to buy a Boulder draft boat:

  • They are lightweight, making them easy to row. Their polymer hulls are half the weight of a fiberglass hull. Professional guide Ryan Kelly says, "I rowed a Boulder Boat Works one time and knew this was the boat for me. This will add years to my guide career."
  • Boulder Boats offer better handling and responsiveness in the water, thanks to pronounced chines - the edges on the bottom of the boat that provide for maneuverability in water. Fiberglass boats lack this.
  • They're tough and durable with a lifetime guarantee. They draft up to 40-percent less water at the chine, allowing them to float water other boats can't. Because of their welded, polyethylene hull, they require less maintenance than other boats.
  • Boulder Boats offer up to 30-percent more space for hauling people and gear. Professional guide Andrew Tashie declares the boat to be "extremely comfortable eats rocks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is without a doubt the boat I have been searching for."
  • Their boats are actually beautiful. Considered by some to be as much works of art as functional draft boats, Boulder Boats incorporate beautiful wood accents with classic lines.

The company's new PR firm, Backbone Media, affirms the boats' quality.

"Boulder Boat Works blends classic lines with modern technology by integrating custom wood accents and a durable polymer welded hull," the firm states. "Unlike heavy fiberglass and aluminum boats, the high-density polymer hull requires only a 5.5-inch draft, allowing anglers to slide over rocks without hesitation and explore water where other drift boats simply cannot reach. The boat they developed was nothing short of gorgeous and became the lightest, most durable, and easiest-rowing drift boat on the market."

Tim McMahon, Owner and CEO of Boulder Boat Works says the company prides itself in designing unique boats that can handle any river and suit any angler.

"Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce boats ranging from functional to pieces of art," he says.

This article sounds like a paid advertisement for Boulder Boat Works. It's not. I've looked at the company, read the reviews and other articles (from Field & Stream, Angling Trade and Fly Fisherman) and have determined that Boulder Boat Works makes a fine craft. Each boat is handmade to order.

The boats start in the neighborhood of $13,000, and offer flexible solutions to each purchaser's needs.

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