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Boston Red Sox’s Pitcher Rick Porcello on Fly Fishing [VIDEO]

“It’s not about how good you are, it’s about enjoying that moment” – Rick Porcello

The American Museum of Fly Fishing caught up with Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello and put together this interview on his experiences with fly fishing, how he started fishing, and other aspects of the sport.

Porcello’s family had a camp on the lake when he was growing up. So, naturally, his brothers, father, and he took up fly fishing as a bonding activity together and it soon grew into a passion they all loved.

Porcello touches on the history of both fly fishing and baseball. They are both a distinct building block in American history and his personal life.

Anyone can be a fly fisher and Porcello asserts that it doesn’t matter if you are good at the sport or not. It matters that you enjoy it, have fun doing it, and spend time with others who love it too.

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Boston Red Sox’s Pitcher Rick Porcello on Fly Fishing [VIDEO]