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Stuff We Want: The Boss Hunting Truck [PICS]

Images from Yahoo! Autos via Parker Brothers Concepts

Looking for that right "tacti-cool" bug out vehicle for your hunting adventures? Well get out your wallet because here comes the Boss hunting truck!

For a total of $200,000 - $500,000, The Boss Hunting truck from Parker Brothers Concepts can be all yours. This vehicle is technically based off the first of the Hummer models, the H1 K10 series, and then the accessories add on from there.


Here's the scoop on this super vehicle: the 6.5-liter turbo diesel engine powers the four-wheel drive system, and the whole design was thought up by Parker Brothers Concepts for hunting in the toughest places you can think of. It's decidedly tactical looks make us think Homeland Security would be sporting these gems as their daily drives.


Need a tow? Any camper or tank will be no match for this beast to haul, up a mountain, in a blinding snow storm...


Need to give friends a lift? There is plenty of room for the whole hunting party or platoon.


No need for a hood ornament, either. The Boss Hunting Truck just screams "Get out of my way!"


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Stuff We Want: The Boss Hunting Truck [PICS]