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Boone and Crockett Joins Montana’s ‘Hunt Right’ Campaign

Hunt Right
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Boone and Crockett has joined a growing list of organizations showing their support of Montana’s “Hunt Right” campaign.

Hunt Right” is a hunter ethics campaign working towards awareness of ethical and lawful hunting behavior in Montana. The promotion is running awareness campaigns of their message via radio, online and print ads. They also distribute stickers, brochures and other media.

The campaign falls right in line with Boone and Crockett, which has long stood by fair chase principles, taking a hard stance against commercial hunting operations.

“We applaud this local leadership in hunter ethics and we hope it serves as an example for all sportsmen across Montana and around the nation,” Keith Balfourd of Boone and Crockett said in press release.

Balfourd further stated in the release how hunter’s conduct is important to keep positive public support from non-hunters and landowners.

“A fair-chase approach to hunting brings likeminded hunters together under a common flag,” Balfourd said.

The whole campaign came about as a result of a 2014 incident of “flock-shooting” that created negative news coverage across Montana.

“People won’t tolerate the kind of ethical violations we saw last year,” said Dennis Nelson of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee in the press release.

He further stated that the future of hunting in Montana will depend upon societal acceptance, which will be based upon hunter’s actions and ethical behavior.

For “Hunt Right,” Boone and Crockett is another powerful outdoor partner on an already impressive list that includes organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, the U.S. Forest Service, Mule Deer Foundation and Pheasants Forever.

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Boone and Crockett Joins Montana’s ‘Hunt Right’ Campaign