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Boone and Crockett Club Explains Why Hunting Matters [VIDEO]

Family and ethics are the emphasis of this video created by Boone and Crockett. 

This very personal video examines and sums up reasons why we hunt and how the way we hunt matters.

Check it out, it's very well done!

While this video focuses on why the way we hunt matters, it also does a good job of getting across "why" we enjoy hunting.

As is evidenced by the recent outrage over "Cecil the Lion," it can be difficult to explain why one hunts to the non-hunting populace. The real reasons and goals of hunting are often distorted and misunderstood. This video explains, better than any other I've seen, the true ethics and family aspects of hunting.

Especially of note here is the emphasis on good shot placement. Hunters are probably too often characterized as running out into the woods and blasting away at anything that moves. This video does a great job of showing how this is not the case.

Good job, Boone and Crockett, on making a video that shows all the reasons for hunting and why it's not just about the taking an animal.

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Boone and Crockett Club Explains Why Hunting Matters [VIDEO]