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Boone & Crockett Announces World Record Hunter-Taken Grizzly Bear

The monster bruin is the largest hunter-taken grizzly bear ever recorded.

Hunter Larry Fitzgerald killed the bear near Fairbanks, Alaska in 2013.

The trophy bear scored 27-6/16 Boone & Crockett points, missing the current world record grizzly bear ever found by 7/16 of an inch.

The current world-record grizzly bear, which scored 27-13/16, was found as a skull in Alaska back in 1976. Bear trophies are determined by the length and width of the bear’s skull.

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Fitzgerald stalked and killed the griz in an area that’s being managed by state Fish and Game to control bear predation on moose.

“One would think that a relatively accessible area, with liberal bear hunting regulations to keep populations in line with available habitat and food, would be the last place to find one of the largest grizzly bears on record,” said Richard Hale, chairman of Boone and Crockett’s Records of North American Big Game committee.

According to Hale, grizzly bear populations are doing well in Alaska and the Lower 48, where they are listed as an endangered species. Hale anticipates the federal government will soon delist grizzly bears, and transfer their management to state wildlife departments.

Boone & Crockett is the premier record-keeping organization for North American big game. They use big game trophy data in a wide range of conservation efforts, including habitat and wildlife management, harvest objectives and more.

Have you ever taken a grizzly bear? 

Featured image via Boone & Crockett Club/Instagram

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Boone & Crockett Announces World Record Hunter-Taken Grizzly Bear