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Book Review: Naturally Bug-Free, 75 Nontoxic Recipes

naturally bug-free

Repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, moths and other pesky insects with these all natural, organic recipes.

Stephanie Tourles, a licensed holistic esthetician and certified aromatherapist, is no stranger when it comes to being safe, natural and organic. She is the Best-selling author of Organic Body Care Recipes and nine other books, including Naturally Bug-Free.

Naturally Bug-Free is a recipe book for anyone who has ever been bitten, stung, irritated or terrified by insects, pests or bugs. The book features 75 natural and safe recipes of alternatives to standard chemical repellents and insect controls. It also includes recipes for pet shampoos and repellents as well.

During hunting and fishing season as well as the warm summer months, you, your family and your pets, are joined outside by many pesky insects and bugs. Many insects, like mosquitos, ticks, gnats, black flies and deer flies are more than just annoying. Today, caution is needed as these insects can carry diseases that have been deemed fatal all over the world.

When I think of insect repellents, the first thing to come to mind is DEET. DEET has been around since the 1940s and was designed by the U.S. Army for protection of the military personnel. The problem with DEET and other chemicals, is that it is actually harmful to you. Not only is DEET harmful to you, but so is modern insecticides in varying forms and quantities.

Alternatively to chemicals, Tourles has designed safe and natural recipes, deriving from four things: Herbs, Essential Oils, Base Oils, and Ethyl Alcohol.

The book holds recipes using these four ingredients to create all natural and safe:

  • Insect-repellent sprays
  • Balms
  • Sachets
  • Pet shampoos
  • Flea powders
  • Tick powders
  • Cleaning products

The ingredients and directions are clearly set out for each recipe and offers a variety of options for each offering you alternatives if you were to have allergies or unable to withstand certain recipes.

naturally bug-free

I have already spent this summer removing several ticks from my beagle and a few from me as well, including one that had bit me in the back of my head. I am excited to put to use the shampoos as well as the tick repellents I found within this book, knowing it is 100 percent natural.

I recommend anyone trying to deal with insects to purchase this book. Even if you are working hard to be against "living green" or being more organic is not your thing, this book still offers you 75 recipes you can use.

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Book Review: Naturally Bug-Free, 75 Nontoxic Recipes