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How To Book a Guided Hunt Overseas

We've gathered some tips for figuring out how to book a guided hunt overseas.

The United States has a lot to offer as far as hunting is concerned, but if you're feeling the need to explore the world from a hunter's perspective - or to hunt game not offered in the forests of North American areas - then an overseas hunting trip may be just the ticket.

Luckily, the Internet has made it very easy to plan a hunting trip - and more importantly, to secure a guided hunt or two - in foreign countries.

Just know first and foremost that, if you are going to hunt in a strange and far off land, then you are going to want to do so with a reputable business that specializes in guided hunts. Not only will a guide be able to take you to the best hunting spots, in turn cutting down on the research you have to do on your travel destination, they will also be able to guide you on hunts that are safe, secure and successful.

If you go wandering off on your own, you may have trouble finding game, but you could also get lost and end up in the territory of an animal you don't want to mess with - or for that matter, with people you don't want to mess with.

In the United States, our hunting spots are often like our own backyards, and we're used to making hunting a one-man activity because we feel so comfortable and because we know the lay of the land like the back of our hands.

That's not the case in a foreign land that we've never seen before, so fight the instinct to try a do-it-yourself private hunt. If you want to hunt in a foreign country - especially if big game is your thing - you need a guide.

The first thing you need to do, of course, it to decide where you want your exotic hunting trip to take you. Do you want to stalk the Serengeti of Africa? Or is a Down Under hunting expedition in Australia more up your alley?

Regardless of what you choose, there will undoubtedly be plentiful opportunities for guided hunts on that continent, so pick a country, pick a general geographic area, and start Googling.

Online search will be your best friend as you aim to book a guided hunt in a foreign country. Search terms like "Australia guided big game hunting" will return a plethora of results for you to sort through. Most of the biggest and best-guided hunting outfits have a website that will provide the information you need to decide whether it is the right hunt for you, as well as a place where you can make a reservation.

Of course, judging whether or not a business is reputable can be a bit harder than deciding whether or not their website is selling a theoretically enjoyable experience. Usually, you can tell by the website whether or not you want to get involved with a guided hunting business.

In other words, if the site looks professional, chances are the hunt will be professional. If the site looks shoddy, keep looking.

If you're close to making a choice, but need a bit more assurance, head to an online hunting forum and see if anyone has ever been to the guided hunt spot you're considering. Hunters are a talkative bunch, and probably the best source for determining which hunting opportunities are good and which are lousy.

Choose a destination only after deliberation, and contact the guide service after booking. Ask questions to determine the gear you'll need to bring, and what sort of conditions you can expect.

Keep in mind that guided hunts, especially ones that go after big game, can be pricey. Some comparison shopping may be in your best interest, but weigh all factors alongside cost to find the best option.

Finally, do your own homework. You can't rely on someone else to do everything for you, and the more knowledge you can build prior to your overseas hunt, the better. Find out what you may encounter, weather conditions, licensing required, and anything else that could help.

Ultimately, your foreign adventure should be enjoyable and stress-free, but the only way to ensure that happens is to be prepared.

If you have further guidance for booking a hunt overseas, please leave a comment below and share your ideas with fellow hunters.

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How To Book a Guided Hunt Overseas