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Testing Rage Broadheads vs. Bone: Beating the Hype

If you shoot Rage broadheads or are thinking of switching to them, you should watch this first.

The folks from GY6vids left the guns in the safe for this review and got out their compound bow to test some Rage broadheads.

In case you've missed their extensive marketing campaign, Rage broadheads are expandable heads designed to punch huge holes in game animals resulting in short, easy to follow blood trails and quick kills.

Sounds pretty good. Right? Watch the video to see how these "bone bursting" heads actually perform.

Bone bursting? I don't think so!

To be fair, beef ribs are thicker than those found on most game animals, including elk, and a ton of animals have fallen to Rage broadheads. But what if your shot is a little too far forward? I think this test is a pretty accurate representation of what would happen to the Rage broadhead on a shoulder hit.

Large expandables like the ones shown in the video are best reserved for turkeys and small game with delicate bone structures. Hunting broadheads should be matched to the species you're hunting and your bow setup for maximum performance. Hunters should rely on good shot placement, not wide cutting broadheads, to ensure quick, clean kills.

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Testing Rage Broadheads vs. Bone: Beating the Hype