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Boiling Crawfish with Southern Boyz Outdoors in Louisiana

Boiling Crawfish With Southern Boyz Outdoors

Watch as Kinion Bankston of Southern Boyz Outdoors shows us his special way of boiling crawfish down in south Louisiana.

Crawfish boils are extremely popular social events down south, especially in Louisiana. Everyone has their own particular recipe for boiling crawfish and Kinion Bankston from Southern Boyz Outdoors is no exception. Just like with smoking hogs, he's got his own way of boiling crawfish.

Watch the video to learn how he likes to do it.

Now that looks delicious! The actual hunting and fishing is just half of the fun: the rest of it comes from cooking and eating a good meal made from the fruits of your harvest.

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Boiling Crawfish with Southern Boyz Outdoors in Louisiana