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Body Armor Backpack Cut Geared Toward Students Is Sign of the Times

A “backpack cut” of soft body armor is coming to the market, geared towards students.

In the wake of what seems like an endless trend of school shootings, this fall’s back-to-school fashion includes a soft armor cut to fit a backpack. This product is an interesting addition to a sign of the times where educational institutions are subject to mass shootings.

Perhaps this is just a clever marketing scheme geared towards capitalizing off the fear created from these tragedies, but the product is innovative, effective, efficient, and affordable.

During the filmed field test, AR500 Armor® Rimelig’s IIIA Armored 11″ x  15″ backpack cut was left empty to minimize ballistic interference. The testing consists of three rounds of shots fired from common caliber handguns. The first consists of 3 rounds fired from a 9mm Glock 17 at eight feet. The next test is conducted with three shots of 330 grain 45 ACP fired out of an HK45 at eight feet. The final, a single 240 grain round fired from a 44 magnum at eight feet.

After each test, the Body Armor backpack is unzipped and examined to show the only contents are the soft armor, which stopped each round during each individual test. The area behind the armor of the backpack is not damaged, nor is the dummy wearing it.

Maybe this kind of preventative measure is a little over the top, but either way, the product is proven to stop some of the most common handgun rounds in the field test as the video shows.

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Body Armor Backpack Cut Geared Toward Students Is Sign of the Times