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The Boberg XR Series: A Concealed Carry Game Changer [VIDEO]

Due to the steady increase in states allowing concealed carry, most every major firearm manufacturer now has a market entry.

The Boberg XR series is more than an attempt to capitalize on a growing market.

The XR45 and XR9 are true innovations likely to influence the next generation of concealed carry firearms.

The Boberg Arms Corporation

Located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Boberg is fairly new in the firearms market but serious shooters will do well to take notice. Boberg appears to be the real deal producing an innovative and highly functional handgun in the XR Series suitable for personal carry, law enforcement, and military applications.

The Boberg XR Series

The primary feature of the Boberg XR Series is a true reverse feed magazine system that works and works well. The advantages of this are:

  • Longer barrels which produce the accuracy, muzzle velocities and ballistic energy of some full size semi-auto handguns.
  • Greater absorption of recoil for soft shooting even on compact frames.

A Gun Apart

The reverse feed innovation alone would be enough to set the XR series apart from the competition but Boberg still offers more.

  • A silky smooth double action only trigger superior to most of the competition.
  • The option of 9mm or .45 ACP while the majority of the competition is focused on a .380-only platform.
  • The option of a short model or a long model which is still in the subcompact range with an overall length of 5.95 inches while sporting a 4.2-inch barrel!

The Boberg XR is for the more serious shooters. Prices range from $1,100 to $1,400 depending on size, caliber, and options. However, for those who truly need a subcompact, the extra performance is worth it.

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The Boberg XR Series: A Concealed Carry Game Changer [VIDEO]