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Bobcat Fooled By the Oldest Trick in the Book [VIDEO]

If you had a rough turkey hunting season, this video might lift your spirits.

While waiting for a tom to come by, two turkey hunters realized they weren’t the only ones watching their turkey decoy. A bobcat was lurking outside the blind, carefully plotting an attack on the plastic bird.

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With a just few stealthy moves, the bobcat leaps in for the kill. The expression on the cat’s face when it sees the hunters watching him is priceless

We don’t know where this in this clip was filmed, though bobcats are quite common in the US. Their range extends from southern Canada to Mexico, as far south as Oaxaca.

Hunters have pursued bobcats for sport and their fur for centuries. Bobcat hunting is legal in roughly half of the US states. Illinois was the latest state to legalize bobcat hunting.

Hunting bobcats can be difficult, as they are skilled hunters themselves. The wild felines have excellent hearing and eyesight, and are adept at silently stalking their prey.

By the way, if you trap a bobcat or stumble upon one trapped in the wilderness, don’t release it like this guy did.

Have you ever hunted bobcats?

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Bobcat Fooled By the Oldest Trick in the Book [VIDEO]