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Bobcat Spotted in Bay City, Michigan [PICS]


Bay County man captures rare photos of a big cat in Michigan.

Michigan isn't generally known as an area for bobcats, but one has just been photographed there.

Kawkawlin Township resident William Hacker spotted the large cat much to his surprise from the kitchen window of his home in between M-13 and Four Mile Road on Oct. 5.

"I've been here 22 years and that's the first one I've ever seen," Hacker told Mlive News.

Hacker had first suspected the large feline was a cougar after spotting it earlier that morning. When he spotted it later in the afternoon, he was able to get a better look at it.

Photos he shot from 200-250 yards out revealed the animal was definitely a bobcat, as confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


The bobcat walked through a field before disappearing into the woods north of Hacker's home.

Even though the DNR says they do get a number of sightings in Bay County, these sightings are often not confirmed; photographic proof like Hacker captured is rare.

"It's pretty unique to actually get a photo of one, especially in the daytime," DNR wildlife biologist Jeremiah Heise said.

Much like the legendary Michigan cougar, the DNR encourages reports of all sightings, which can be done through their website.

Heise said it helps the agency keep tabs on the population. Hacker plans to keep an eye out, hoping to see the bobcat again.

"If I see him again, I'll try to take more pictures of him," he told reporters.

Trappers can target bobcats in Michigan, but Bay County is not among the counties open for trapping.

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Bobcat Spotted in Bay City, Michigan [PICS]