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That Moment When You See a Bobcat in the Back of a Truck Outside an Idaho Wal-Mart

That’s not a pet, that’s a wild animal.

Not only is this something you don’t see everyday, it’s also highly questionable pet ownership. Bobcats are bred in captivity for pet purposes, but as you can imagine that’s not something we support.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 2.22.00 PMImages via: Imgur

Since we can’t imagine someone taming a wild bobcat, this one must have come from a breeder or hand-raised since birth. The following photos were uploaded to Reddit by user TheAngryCelt and were taken in Boise, Idaho.

Just Hangin’ Out

Hey Buddy

Bobcats are usually quite territorial, so it’s surprising that he is calm enough to allow people to reach out into his area. He must be very well trained.

Seems Nice Enough…

Exotic pet laws vary by state, but according to literature from Idaho you only need a license to own certain animals.

That’s The Spot

Additional information on Idaho’s exotic pet laws can be found HERE.

A Quick Pic Together

The user on Reddit who uploaded these photos couldn’t resist getting a shot with him and the fluffy parking lot celebrity.

Quite the Local Celebrity

After the photos were uploaded another Reddit user, bcool111, chimed in with this photo and the following experience:

“‘I’ve met this bobcat at their house

I had to ‘boop’ heads with it so that it would respect me…or not maul me….or something along those lines. I knew it was the same one when you said Boise.”

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That Moment When You See a Bobcat in the Back of a Truck Outside an Idaho Wal-Mart