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Bobcat vs Raccoon: Who Will Back Down First? [VIDEO]

It's bobcat vs raccoon: Of the scrappiest animals in the forest, who do you think wins?

You will never guess the outcome of this 50-second video clip.

A night-cam captures rare footage of an encounter between predator and prey.


The lone raccoon appears to be cleaning something off, his own prey perhaps, in a small water hole. As the footage shows, the raccoon senses he is not alone. He turns to check out his backside when the bobcat shows itself.

The situation immediately intensifies and it becomes "fight or flight" for both animals. The raccoon, who determines that he has become the hunted, puffs himself up to look as large and threatening as possible.

Luckily for the raccoon, the tactic works. The bobcat backs down from the encounter and rambles on for an easier target.

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Bobcat vs Raccoon: Who Will Back Down First? [VIDEO]