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A Bobcat and Squirrel Square off in Food Chain Battle

bobcat and squirrel

This bobcat and squirrel might be the two shiftiest creatures in the neighborhood.

Some days it’s just unfortunate to be at the bottom of the food chain. Especially when all of a sudden the predator you try to avoid most jumps from behind a tree and pounces at you. Such is the case when a bobcat and squirrel meet in the middle of a Texas resident’s yard in a life or death situation. At least in the squirrel’s case it is.

Some might say that it’s just not fair while others may argue it’s just a way of life in the suburbs of Texas. See how the victor comes out on top!

Okay, so it wasn’t much of a surprise who won. The squirrel put up a good fight and probably would have gotten away if it had a few more seconds to react to the conniving cat.

This rare footage of a true predator-prey encounter happens often. We just don’t always have the ability to catch it on video like this one.

Who knows, maybe the bobcat was just trying to become a movie star.

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A Bobcat and Squirrel Square off in Food Chain Battle