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Bobcat Release Nearly Goes Terribly Wrong

Watch as this trapper’s bobcat release gets interesting in a hurry.

If you’ve ever been faced with the challenge of releasing a bobcat from a trap intended to catch foxes or coyotes, you know that this is no easy task.

These guys seem to be making out just fine. They’re using a catch pole and keeping their distance from the cat. Watch the video to see what happens next.

These little cats are full of vinegar, and their sharp teeth and claws can certainly leave a mark if your bobcat release is carried out in the wrong way.

A catch pole like the one used in the video is perfect for conducting a safe and effective bobcat release, but they don’t come cheap. If the cat in the video would have gotten away with these guys’ catch pole, they would have had to shell out over $100 for a replacement. That’s a lot of hides.

Luckily, the trappers found their pole and the bobcat was released without harm.

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Bobcat Release Nearly Goes Terribly Wrong