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Bobcat Moves into Calgary Woman’s Backyard [PICS]

All photos via Twitter/Laurel G

This young bobcat in Calgary decided this woman’s backyard was the purrfect place to nap and play. 

A woman in Calgary, a town in Alberta, Canada, was shocked to look out the window of her parent’s house to a bobcat napping in the yard. It then proceeded to spend the afternoon checking out the place, giving her the chance to take some great pictures of the experience.

Laurel G, who snapped the photos, then posted them to her Twitter account where they got a lot of attention.

Her first set of photos shows the cat napping away in the shade of a tree.

After it woke up, it decided a cleaning was in order.

Its interest turned towards the tree in the yard where it spent some time climbing around it.

It jumped across to a small roof across from where the photos were taken. Guess the bobcat was curious as to who was snapping pictures.

The bobcat strolled around the yard the rest of the afternoon.

The homeowners eventually called local wildlife officials to report the bobcat and its whereabouts.

They assured them that most of the time bobcats are no danger to people and that they are actually a common sight in the Alberta area.

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Bobcat Moves into Calgary Woman’s Backyard [PICS]