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These Bobcat Kittens Were Just Chilling on the Back Porch

What would you do if you looked out your back door and saw some bobcat kittens hanging out on your porch?

That’s exactly what happened to Paul and Pamela Oldach of Peoria, Arizona.

bobcat kittens1
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When they noticed the bobcat kittens, the couple started snapping pictures and got some great shots of the curious little cats.

bobcat kittens4 wos
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The couple said, “These little guys stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes until mom arrived. They were very curious while roaming our backyard. At one point, all three took a drink out of the pool.”

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While bobcats are shy by nature, encounters like these are becoming more and more common as predators become more prevalent in close proximity to residential areas.

But for those who exercise good judgement and learn to live with wild animals, encounters with predators can be a positive experience. Just be sure to keep children and small pets well supervised if you know there are predators in your area.


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These Bobcat Kittens Were Just Chilling on the Back Porch