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Bobcat Kills Deer on Road Making for Brutal Nature Photos [PICS]

All photos via Sageline Outdoors

This bobcat is not camera-shy at all and prefers large game.

When people insist that bobcats only take small game, they need to see these pictures. While heading to work a Nevada miner saw something strange going on in the road.

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Right in the middle of the road was a life and death struggle between a deer and a very hungry bobcat.




In the end, the bobcat was just too strong for the deer. With a glaring, menacing look at the photographer, through blood-splattered fangs, it was claiming its prize. By the sinister look on this bobcat’s face it means business.


This big feline shows us that in spite of its small size, the bobcat is indeed a fierce killer with a taste for venison. At a weight of usually in the 40-pound range, they are the true super cats of the wilds.

If you see one feeding, we suggest you leave it alone.


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Bobcat Kills Deer on Road Making for Brutal Nature Photos [PICS]