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Bobcat Jumps Up Tree to Snag Squirrel in Suburban Dallas [VIDEO]

This backyard bobcat makes it look easy.

Watch how quickly this suburban bobcat is able to turn this squirrel into his next meal.


Derek Broman, Urban Wildlife Biologist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, gives us a little more information on bobcats in urban areas:

We refer to bobcats as mousers. They operate to collect their prey by walking along, stalking perhaps, but will pounce on their prey or chase it down in short little bursts. They're so agile, strong, and quick, that they are really made to take advantage of the rats, the mice, the squirrels, the rabbits. That's an easy prey, especially in an urban area where you have a high density of these small mammals.

Getting rid of the small rodents we don't like to see late at night running through the kitchen is definitely a perk to having bobcats in the area, but I'm not sure how close we want them to residential housing.

There are many small breeds of dogs that people, especially living in apartments, like to have as pets that are no bigger than a rabbit. I'm sure a larger bobcat wouldn't have a problem going after such a small dog. If you've heard of a bobcat in your area, you might want to keep your little companion on a leash.

Chihuahuas beware...

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Bobcat Jumps Up Tree to Snag Squirrel in Suburban Dallas [VIDEO]