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These Turkey Decoys Are So Real, They Fooled a Bobcat


This bobcat is foiled by decoys when real thing is right behind him!

These turkey hunters had a whole bunch of big gobblers heading in when suddenly their hunt is unexpectedly interrupted by a bobcat. But rather than going after the real thing right behind him, he seems more interested in the hunter's decoys!

Before you go thinking this is stupid bobcat however, this seems to be natural predatory behavior. The cat was more interested in the smaller group of animals that was seemingly cut off from the safety of the group. It's the same thing as a pack of wolves or pride of lions isolating the weakest animal of the herd.

While the decoy would have been much easier and safer to catch, we're willing to bet this cat would have been disappointed in how it tasted!

These hunters' chance at a big gobbler may have been spoiled, but it's still a pretty cool to have an up-close encounter with a bobcat and to catch the whole incident on film. And they at least know they have some quality decoys if a natural predator is suspecting them as real!


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These Turkey Decoys Are So Real, They Fooled a Bobcat