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Bobcat Hunting Bill Reaches New Hampshire Lawmakers

Boston Globe

Bobcat hunting and trapping has been illegal in New Hampshire since 1989, but that could change with the new bobcat culling plan.

The Fish and Game Department, according to the Boston Globe, barely passed the plan to allow up to 50 bobcats to be killed or trapped per year in February. That plan is now set to appear in front of a legislative committee at the State House.

The pros and cons of bobcat hunting in the state are nothing new from other states’ pros and cons on the subject, with hunters and anti-hunters alike speaking out for their side. Supporters “say the elusive, nocturnal predator has become abundant enough to allow hunting on a limited scale,” but naysayers like animal rights activists and conservationists alike are so strongly opposed to the idea that traditional pro-hunting members are changing their tunes, too.

Many believe that the debate over bobcat hunting in New Hampshire isn’t particularly about bobcat hunting, but instead is about satisfying the public outcry against the bill, which at the time is extremely high. In a few cases, “some residents were so upset that they threatened to close their land to fishing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.”

The petition against the bill online has over 75,000 signatures, but the Fish and Game Commission believe that the limited hunting season is a necessity that will help more than hurt. The outcome of it will be decided in the coming months.


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Bobcat Hunting Bill Reaches New Hampshire Lawmakers