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Bobcat Hunting Bill Approved in Illinois

The Senate approved a measure that would allow bobcat hunting in Illinois.

Carlinville Republican Sen. Sam McCann sponsored the legislation that would allow the Department of Natural Resources to help control the bobcat population by issuing as many as 200 permits a year.

The legislation was approved 32-17.

In April, the House approved the measure, but the language was slightly modified and had to be sent back to the House.

Predator control, like bobcat hunting, is one of the most successful methods of keeping the population in check. Even though the animal has been removed from the endangered species list, Aurora Democratic Senator Linda Holmes voiced her opinion that conservationists still have concerns.

The legal and ethical hunting of any animal is our way of participating in conservation efforts around the country. If predator populations get out of control, other residing wildlife populations, and natural habitat, can be negatively affected.

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s spokeswoman would not say if he had a position on the measure.
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Bobcat Hunting Bill Approved in Illinois