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When a Bobcat Family Knocks at Your Door [VIDEO]

Via Katherine Reiffenstein

Both cute and cuddly, this bobcat family have made a home for themselves in a Calgary subdivision. Some residents are a bit uneasy with the new neighbors. 

Fearing for the safety of small pets and children, residents on Calgary’s Havenhurst Crescent S.W. are wondering why Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials have yet to do anything.

A mother and three kittens have been making the rounds all summer, often looking in front door windows or lounging in backyards.

No serious incidents have occurred yet, although family pets being hissed or swiped at have been reported.

Fish and Wildlife officials state that bobcats are not considered a public safety concern and no action is needed on their part. Rather than removal, the province prefers to educate homeowners on how to reduce the likelihood of attracting the cats or the appropriate means of scaring them away.

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When a Bobcat Family Knocks at Your Door [VIDEO]