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Why is This Bobcat Chillin' Atop a 50-Foot Cactus? [VIDEO]

We've heard of cats getting stuck in trees, but have you seen a bobcat on top of tall cactus?

This bobcat found itself in a difficult situation when evading a mountain lion in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

In the desert when escaping predators, sometimes the only place to go is up. That's what this bobcat decided to do when being chased by a mountain lion.

This video displays the impressive climbing ability of a bobcat. Take a look at this bizarre wildlife moment.

A cactus of that stature is amazing enough, but with a bobcat at the top makes it even more amazing. I wonder what kind of view the bobcat had at the top of the cactus.

The ability to climb a cactus injury-free is an accomplishment in itself.

Saguaros are the tallest species of cactuses in United States. They only grow about 1.5 inches per year, but can grow up to 60 feet tall.

That cat actually looks quite comfortable up there.

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Why is This Bobcat Chillin' Atop a 50-Foot Cactus? [VIDEO]