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Boating Collision in Gulf of Suez Kills 13


On Sunday, a cargo ship collided with a small fishing vessel in the Gulf of Suez. Officials have confirmed 13 dead from the boating collision. 

A Panamanian-flagged cargo ship crashed into a Egyptian fishing vessel in the busy Gulf of Suez on Sunday. Although there are discrepancies with the number of passengers on board, 13 deaths have been confirmed.

About 40 fisherman were aboard the fishing vessel, and many are still listed as missing. One survivor reportedly jumped from the fishing vessel prior to the crash and held onto a wooden box for hours before being rescued.

“We received an SOS signal early Sunday from fishermen working in the Red Sea saying that a fishing boat has sunk with 40 fishermen on board,” Barki Abu al-Hassan, Red Sea director for Egypt’s main fishermen’s trade union, told reporters. “The boat sank after a cargo ship coming from the Suez Canal crashed into it.”

As many as 10 boats were seen assisting the Egyptian navy in efforts to locate more survivors after the collision.

After the crash, the cargo ship reportedly sailed on to the port of Safaga, Egypt, to avoid more collisions in the busy trade area. As a major trade route that links Asia and Eastern Africa to Europe, the Gulf of Suez sees heavy congestion, and accidents are common.

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Boating Collision in Gulf of Suez Kills 13