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Boaters Save Drowning Fawn in Dramatic Rescue [VIDEO]

Deer rescues are always touching to watch. These rescues are magnified when the deer are helpless fawns bleating with cries for help.

A group of young boaters were out wakeboarding when they spotted a young fawn helplessly bleating out for help.

They bring the fawn in from the water all while Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” is playing on the boat.

The song and the poor little fawn’s cries make this rescue that much more dramatic.

Watch the Welshs save Bambi.

The little fawn is brought on to the boat and the Welshs towel little Bambi off.

It lets out a few more little bleats and then calms down.

The Welshs then bring it to shore and let it free with another dramatic soundtrack.

“I’m comin’ home, let the world know I’m comin’ home.”

I like the credits in the end.

Hopefully Alive: The Deer

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Boaters Save Drowning Fawn in Dramatic Rescue [VIDEO]