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Boaters Barely Escape Mudslide in BC [VIDEO]

The fatal mudslide that occurred in Oso, Washington nearly a month ago was a sharp reminder of how devastating they can be.

This raw footage of a mudslide filmed in Johnsons Landing in British Columbia back in 2012 shows an incredible look at what it’s like to witness this unique natural disaster as its occurring.

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A camera crew from Global Nation was filming a nearby boat crew on the shore near a mountain when they heard something strange. The trees in the distance were making a loud cracking sound.

It did not take long for both the camera crew on the water and the boat crew on shore to realize that a mudslide was seconds away. The cameras were rolling as the crew on shore made a narrow escape from the mudslide barreling down the mountain.

Mudslides typically occur during wet seasons. Johnsons Landing, BC – where the video was filmed – and Oso, Washington are both in the Pacific Northwest, where heavy rainfall is common throughout the year.

Mudslides can also be set off by earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

After seeing this, has your view of mudslides changed?


Featured image via Global National/YouTube

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Boaters Barely Escape Mudslide in BC [VIDEO]