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Own a Boat? The Parkit360 Might Be Your New Best Friend [VIDEO]

Stop breaking your back pushing your trailer around those tight spaces, and let the Parkit360 do the work for you.

If you are one of those people who always have trouble backing up a trailer, or if the place you have to keep your boat can't even be reached with a vehicle, then you are probably tired of breaking your back trying to get it to its right place for storage.

Even an expert, who can back a trailer into almost any confined space, would have to admit that the Parkit360 would come in quite handy at times.

Push no longer, my friends.

Push button control allows you to maneuver the trailer forwards or backwards, and without needing a vehicle, you can pretty much position your boat anywhere it needs to be.

The Parkit360 will not tilt, tip, or pivot, and its compact design allows you to park your boat front-first.

The next time you're struggling to get your trailer in the perfect spot, don't forget about the Parkit360 because it could become your new best friend.

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Own a Boat? The Parkit360 Might Be Your New Best Friend [VIDEO]