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Bad Day At The Lake: Boat Launch Fail [VIDEO]

For those of y'all hitting the lake this year, this is exactly what NOT to do.

Every year around this time folks pull the covers off their boats and head for the lake. They get their kids all strapped into the back seat with coolers of snacks and beverages for the adults; they gather all their fishing gear; they pull out the lifevests; but the one thing they don't do? Revisit how to do a proper boat launch.

The following incident occurred at Elijah Clark State Park on Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia, and was captured by the folks at Georgia Outdoor News Magazine. The family in question commented on the Facebook post thanking everyone for their help:

Very bad day for my husband & our 4 year old little boy. Glad neither were hurt. HUGE thanks to Lincoln county EMS, Lincoln law enforcement for allowing our little boy to sit in the vehicles so he could stay warm!! Thanks to Robbie Cobb & Zeb Worley from Elbert county drive team for helping get the truck & Bonds R US & Normans! Kevin NorrisCindy Smith

Now while this is no laughing matter since people could get hurt, we figure there's no harm in getting a little bit of a laugh knowing that the family involved is safe.

Watch the video below to see the scene for yourself.

That was quite the ordeal. There is a cut about halfway through where someone gets into the car to help steer once it's out of the water. Don't worry! We're 99% sure he wasn't in there while the truck was underwater.

Boat safety is extremely important, especially on crowded lakes where children and families congregate. If you're not sure you're doing it right, STOP! Ask someone. Call a friend. It's not worth the bill this guy's going to have to pay to get his Ford back in gear.

Have you ever seen a boat launch fail like this before? What do you think happened before they started filming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Bad Day At The Lake: Boat Launch Fail [VIDEO]