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Boat Control: It Makes a Difference [VIDEO]

Boat control in the nastiest of conditions can be the difference between catching a few fish and catching a limit. 

The weather is a variable we all have to deal with that we have absolutely no control over. Keeping your boat on track can sometimes be nearly impossible. Controlling your boat in the nastiest of conditions just as well as in the best conditions can be the difference between catching a few fish and catching a limit.

With today's motors and electronics on our boats, boat control has never been so easy. With many of the new features such as spot-lock, autopilot and saved track navigation, much of the work has been done for us.  Nonetheless as the operator, you still need to know how to use all these great gadgets in conjunction with one another.

This short video is just one way to help you improve your boat control while trolling, utilizing your trolling motor in partnership with your Mercury kicker motor.


One particular place I see most people struggle with boat control is when fishing the river systems, and arguably so. River current can be tougher to navigate through than a 30-mile-per-hour wind. Current seams and fluctuating flows can almost drive you crazy.

It never fails that once you find that sweet spot with boat control something is certainly going to alter your course. Make mental notes of current flows so next time you are out in the same conditions you at least have a starting point.

Trolling with the wind is the most effective, just as is trolling up stream versus with the current. However, many will argue that you should always troll with the current and that wind direction does not matter.

My theory, along with many others, is that the wind acts just like current and will push the fish in that direction and boat control is much easier with the wind. Just as trolling into the current enables you to get your baits down deeper on less line, the same is true for trolling with the wind.


Many of the seasoned anglers fishing some of the tournament trials have boat control down to a science while others are still trying to figure it out. If you're still figuring it out don't sweat it; it is always a challenge, as the weather will continue to change faster than we can adjust and new and improved motors will continue to join the market.

Just as anything with fishing or hunting we should always be learning and improving on the skills we already have. Trust me, once you think you know it all someone will certainly prove to you that you do not.

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Boat Control: It Makes a Difference [VIDEO]