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Boat Collides with Truck on Arkansas Roadway [VIDEO]

A runaway boat trailer collides with a truck on a roadway, and everyone walks away unharmed.

A man pulling a boat in Fort Smith, Arkansas lost control of the trailer causing it to roll into incoming traffic, striking another truck on, October 8th, 2015.

The boat itself leaves the trailer in the collision and goes airborne off the screen. You’ll have to see the video to believe the property damage, luckily no one was seriously injured in the incident.

Footage of the crash was shared by KFSM Television.

According to the driver that was struck by the runaway boat trailer, his truck was totaled in the incident.

The driver was grateful to have only walked away with minor scratches and bruises in the incident, which could have been much worse judging from the footage. Details about the event regarding the driver of the vehicle that lost control of the boat trailer have not been released.

The event serves as a reminder to boaters to check and double check their trailers while towing. Safety chains attached to the tow hitch and a secondary, stationary safety chain attaching the boat to the trailer are legally required in most states. Check the pins in the hitches, too.

The cause of the accident is uncertain, but these are all good things to have on your checklist before you pull away to or from the ramp.

This accident could have been much worse had the victim been in a smaller vehicle, or if pedestrians had been present.

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Boat Collides with Truck on Arkansas Roadway [VIDEO]