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Boat Brings up Ancient Anchor from Shipwreck [VIDEO]


This fisherman finds relics, including an ancient anchor, while netting for surf clams.

The ocean has claimed boats since people first took to the seas. Teams all over the planet spend their lives trying to track down these ships and recover whatever riches they may hold.

Sometimes people get lucky enough to find a lost ship while out on a fishing trip.

Keith Rose, captain of the Kimberly Anne, and his team hit it big in Welfleet, Massachusetts. They were after surf clams when their net struck something in the dredge. Thinking it might be a cluster of rocks, they stopped and pulled their net out of the water and found a huge antique anchor tangled in it.

It's funny how life on the ocean works sometimes. One minute you are just cruising along doing your job, and the next you are pulling a 500-year-old anchor out of the depths.

Hopefully, they heed the boat captain's advice and try to dive in the area where they found these pieces. It would be interesting to see what else is still hiding down on the ocean floor. Maybe they'll even identify the sunken boat.

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Boat Brings up Ancient Anchor from Shipwreck [VIDEO]