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Board Wants to Regulate Shed Hunting in Nevada

A wildlife board is seeking to put regulations on deer and elk shed hunting in Nevada.

The growing price for deer and elk antlers has sparked the Nevada Department of Wildlife to look at ways to regulate what and how often people take the dropped sheds, according to a piece in the Review Journal.

An estimated $9 to $12 per pound of elk antlers was given by department officials, which avid hunters and outdoorsmen know adds up to $500 to even $1,000 for a large rack.

Discussion about prohibiting shed hunting from January 1 to mid-April, and requiring a hunting license, has taken place.

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Chandeliers, furniture accents and other decorative uses have helped boost the price of antlers. Other western states have already enforced shed regulations.

While most shed hunters would and already do follow an unspoken set of rules, the article mentions assumed cases in which ATVs were used to follow and harass an elk for its prized antlers, again worth upwards of thousands of dollars.

Advisory boards from White Pine County and Lincoln County have expressed the need for such regulations, according to the Wildlife Commission agenda.

Would regulated shed hunting hurt the honest guy, or help maintain wildlife? Leave your thoughts below.

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Board Wants to Regulate Shed Hunting in Nevada