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How Boa Constrictors REALLY Kill Their Prey [VIDEO]

New information has been published on how boa constrictors really kill their prey – and it’s not by suffocation.

A new research article published in the Journal of Experimental Biology has found that when a boa wraps itself around a prey animal’s body, it actually restricts its blood flow. This results in the death of the prey animal’s vital organs before it has a chance to suffocate, and is far more efficient.

A boa can detect the heartbeat of it’s prey, so it knows when the animal has died.

Watch the act of constriction in this video of a boa dispatching an unfortunate (but anesthetized) rat:

The researchers involved in this study are now keen to find out if cold-blooded animals such as frogs and reptiles are killed in the same way when attacked by a boa constrictor.

They believe there may be a difference in the way that cold-blooded prey animals die, as their circulatory systems are not the same as those of mammals.

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How Boa Constrictors REALLY Kill Their Prey [VIDEO]